Scott Perry Announced as New Manager

In another stunning development, MonoTown FC announced today that they had appointed veteran coach Scott Perry as manager of the new club. Widely regarded as one of the best managers in the world who has been credited with transforming American soccer during his stints as a player and coach in that league, he also powered the US Men’s National team to relevance with consecutive quarter final appearances.

No stranger to international competition, Perry has managed clubs in MLS, the Chinese Super League, and the Scottish Premiership, and has been a proven winner in all three.

Chairman Colin Kinsman announced the hire during a press conference on Wednesday and remarked that he believed that Perry “was the right man to execute our four year plan” to see the club arrive to the first division of Buildersliga.

Signed to a four year contract, his salary has not been disclosed yet, but it is widely rumored to be more than NMT 22 million per year plus incentives. If true, this would make him the highest paid coach in Buildersliga and would mean that his annual salary is more than every other coach within the fourth division combined.

“I couldn’t be more pleased to join this organization under the leadership for a visionary like Colin Kinsman”, Mr. Perry said. He continued, “The city of MonoTown has already been incredibly welcoming, and I’m looking forward to building a culture of winning within this club over the next few years.”

Known running attacking, high tempo, offenses that emphasize high energy and demand peak physical condition from players, Perry also believes that home grown player development is key to any club’s success. “The investments that are earmarked for the MonoTown FC Academy are particularly exciting for me,” the new manager said, “we are already working to identify a core group of veteran players that can come alongside young talent and build us a club that will compete at the highest levels for years to come.”

As one of the highest profile coaches in the world, the idea that a top tier manager such as Mr. Perry will find himself coaching in the fourth division of Buildersliga is a shocking turn in the already surreal story surrounding the Marauders. This is the latest in a string of major financial commitment that has been made towards the club in just the last few days.