The Marauders Invade MonoTown

Professional Football Returning to the City After a 52 Year Hiatus

In news that shocked the football world, it was announced today that the Buildersliga had approved the takeover and relocation of 4th Division team the Mayflower Pilgrims to MonoTown. The Pilgrims had fallen on hard economic times during the 2020 and the Global Pandemic which affected the majority of the season, and hit lower division clubs particularly hard. The team announced it was insolvent shortly after the conclusion of the season in June 2021, prompting administrators to look for a buyer.

During a series of secret talks, Colin Kinsman, the American born founder and CEO of the MonoTown megacorp VHT, Inc. pushed hard to be allowed to purchase the club, rename it, and relocate it. It appears this highly unusual transaction was approved due to market factors that included global broadcaster MonoTown TV presenting Buildersliga with a highly lucrative media contract that would see all five Buildersliga divisions being televised for the first time via MonoTown TV’s popular streaming platform. Although the details of this media deal are confidential, it was confirmed by Buildersliga officials that a “material percentage” of the TV deal is guaranteed for at least five years.

Another hurdle preventing the return of professional sports to MonoTown was the lack of suitable facilities, driven mainly by a complete lack of real estate on which to construct the stadium and other facilities required. To solve this problem, Kinsman revealed “shovel ready” plans to construct a 2 Billion NMT floating stadium that would be anchored close to the city and would be served by ferry, helicopter, and monorail transport links. The club announced that an additional 1 Billion NMT investment will be made by the City of MonoTown to support construction costs and transport expansion.

The club formerly known as the Mayflower Pilgrims will be renamed “MonoTown FC” also known as “The Marauders”, paying homage both to the city’s heritage as a port and a nod to the piracy the city faced in the years that closely followed the Great Reckoning. The club’s colors will primarily be red and black, with more details on logo, kit designs, and additional branding to be released soon.

Buildersliga4 is the fourth tier of the famed Buildersliga professional LEGO football league, one of the most successful leagues in the world. This marks the first time that a league team will not be based within England, and a special exemption was granted by The Football Association, UEFA, and FIFA owing to the fact that as a micro-state, MonoTown is too small to field its own league.

Players, coaching staff, and club personnel have not been confirmed at this time. Colin Kinsman did announce that he will be fulfilling the chairman position of the club, and that the club would be operating a “four year plan” to target successive promotion campaigns each year, culminating with promotion into the first division.