MonoTown TV Launches New Marauders Focused Show

In response to overwhelming demand by MonoTowners, MonoTown TV announced today that they were releasing a new show that will follow the Marauders through the first season in Buildersliga.  “MonoTown FC – The Show” will be distributed in audio and video editions and will feature regular MonoTown TV sports anchor John along with Coach Andy, a new sports analyst and current football coach, recently hired by the network.

Marauder Mania Captures MonoTown

“Marauder Mania” has swept the city state since the team was announced last week, and fan support has been overwhelmingly positive according to club officials.  The new show is expected to feature a detailed look into the club, its players, and personnel, and focus on how the game of football is impacting the broader community with human interest stories and guest appearances.

MonoTown TV is investing heavily in covering not only new hometown heroes the Marauders, but also the entire Buildersliga. A landmark TV and media deal has been inked between the world’s largest broadcaster and the top flight brick football league that will see every single league game televised this season across all five divisions. It’s an unprecedented barrage of sports coverage and the network believes that club focused programming like “MonoTown FC – The Show” that is targeted towards key markets will be essential to its “Total Football” strategy.

New Pundit Hired

In a move that many journalists have described as a “no brainer”, Coach Andy was added to MonoTown TV’s lineup of sports presenters and analysts, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the network. In addition to his background as a current football coach and former player, he brings a wealth of sports knowledge and an “easy listening” style that has seen him win numerous broadcaster awards since taking to the airwaves.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of what is sure to be an historic season for the club,” said Coach Andy. “It’s a rare opportunity to be involved in something  from the ground up, and I can’t wait to see what twists and turns this season will take us through.  Go Marauders!”

First Episode Available Now

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