MonoTown FC Unveils Official Badge

MonoTown FC, the city’s sole professional football club, debuted its branding Sunday night in a press conference held by team officials and attended by Chairman Colin Kinsman. The club’s badge was designed to pay homage to the city, its unique culture, and its maritime heritage that includes brushes with piracy in its early years.

With its stark black and white color scheme, designers paid tribute to the “starkness of choice” that the city has faced in its past, when leaders decided to save the city from disaster and build the infamous sea wall. The badge is laid out as a circle, which represents the importance of equality, and emphasizes that there can’t be any sharp edges that divide the team, the community, or the city.

The crossed swords symbolize a “never say die” spirit, and a willingness to clash in the pursuit of victory.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with the branding and design language that we’ve selected,” said Colin Kinsman, Chairman of MonoTown FC and founder of VHT, Inc. He continued, “We wanted to make sure that our badge drew inspiration from what makes this city great and we hope to translate the passion and energy of MonoTowners everywhere into the global language of football out on the pitch.”