Local Boy Comes Home – Liverpool Loan Jared Savage to MonoTown

We’re particularly excited to announce that rising star Jared Savage will be arriving to MonoTown FC on loan from Liverpool.  The MonoTown native has spent his entire career training and playing away from the city of his birth, and we’re thrilled he can join the club’s inaugural season.

Savage, speaking through a media representative, said “Football is a funny game – one day you can be playing at one of the biggest clubs in the world, the next you’re heading home to help a new team go up, but that’s how money affects this sport.”

Scott Perry commented that, “Jared is a rare talent, but will need to learn how to harness it.  We’re confident that the investments we’re making in broader team experience will assist in his development in addition to additions we’re making to our coaching and training staff.”

“Jared is a rare talent…”

Scott Perry, Manager, MonoTown FC

Savage has been no stranger to off the field antics and has what some describe as a “love/hate relationship” with the press.  Rare is the week that he is not featured in some newspaper somewhere, and he is one of the very few footballers to find themselves anointed England’s most eligible bachelor and have a mugshot published within the same newspaper on the same day.

“This is the type of risky signing that Perry is known for within football circles, and he’s certainly been successful harnessing raw young talent, but success is not always a given, and the job is going to be a lot harder when you’re in the fourth division.  Players coming in will be able to dominate without working hard, so where is the motivation going to come from?” commented ESPN football analyst Trevor Collins.