Construction Begins on New Stadium

Hot on the heals of the news that MonoTown will be the new home for a Buildersliga4 football club, it was revealed by MonoTown FC Chairman Colin Kinsman that construction of their new home stadium was already underway. With the start of the Buildersliga season just weeks away, construction crews are working 24/7 to ensure the grounds are ready for what’s sure to be a fan frenzy on opening day.

Progress on the Northwest end of the stadium

Work began work in secret months ago before the news was announced. The mega project is the largest ongoing construction project within MonoTown and experts predict it will likely be the largest project ever built due to the complex requirements of building a major sporting and concert venue at sea.

While not the first floating stadium ever built, the Marauder’s future home is the largest and most complex. Despite some speculation that the complex would be cheaper to construct due to not having to acquire land, the club was quick to point out that the additional cost of constructing what amounts to a massive ship more than outweighed any potential for savings.

“I couldn’t be more delighted with the vision of MonoTown FC’s new home. This stadium will provide a premium fan experience and more importantly create enduring memories for all fans of football for decades to come.”

– Colin Kinsman, Chairman, MonoTown FC
A view of the Northwestern end of the stadium taken from endzone seating

Construction Puts Squeeze on Global Commodities

It was reported that ongoing construction was behind global commodity shortages which had been puzzling markets for months. Shortages of 1×2 gray masonry bricks had been reported, alongside 2×6 gray bricks and red and black seats. When asked for comment the club declined to comment on the specifics of the commodity shortage but instead responded that “with any large project of this nature there will be pressure on global supply chains, but we are confident that our procurement process is one that seeks to find the best materials at the right prices while maintaining fairness for all.”

Stadium at a Glance

  • Transport – the stadium will be served by an extension to MonoTown’s famed Monorail network, ferry service, and helicopter taxi. Personal watercraft will be allowed to dock with special permit.
  • Capacity – initially targeting a crowd of 45,000, the stadium will be expanded each season to accommodate more supporters, with a target of an eventual capacity of more than 90,000.
  • Seating – a mix of premium near-field seating, corporate luxury boxes, and standing only seating will be available along with premium disabled seating zones.
  • Design – the stadium will be open air, and will feature a retractable pitch in order to accommodate quick turnarounds between different event types. Team colors red and black will be featured prominently alongside a heavy emphasis on a pirate theme.
  • Amenities – initial phases will include a number of restaurants, shops, and premium hospitality offerings.
  • Costs – estimated to be more than 2 Billion NMT for initial construction, with the total project requiring more than 3 Billion in capital to complete.
  • Sustainability – the new complex will be Platinum LEED Certified, and project officials were quoted as saying it will be the greenest large construction project in history. Once finished, the building will generate 100% of its energy from renewable sources and contribute to being net carbon negative on its overall operation.
  • Community Involvement – in addition to the main stadium, several training grounds will be built and attached to the MonoTown FC Academy, which is a key component of the club’s vision for the future. In addition, MonoTown FC is committed to the purchase and reconstruction of significant affordable housing stock within MonoTown as a way of giving back to the community.
A view from the skybox terrace looking towards the northern end of the stadium