An Open Letter from MonoTown FC Chairman Colin Kinsman

To All MonoTowners and Sports Fans Everywhere:

For my entire life I’ve dreamed of bringing the incredible game of football to MonoTown. As a boy, I have fond memories of learning to play while attending Saturday morning games at the local park. Growing older I cherished the spirit of competition of achievement, and it was with particular fondness that I began taking my own son Michael to his first games.

The game of football is a global one, and brings people, communities, and countries together. And while I have lived in MonoTown longer than anywhere else and believe this is the best city in the world, I felt that the absence of sport, rivalry, and shared experience was something we should look to fill. MonoTowners are some of the most avid sports fans in the world. We deserve a team to call our own.

“We deserve a team to call our own.”

– Colin Kinsman, Chairman, MonoTown FC

I was therefore thrilled when it became clear that bringing a Buildersliga team to MonoTown could be a genuine possibility. This was no small task, and it involved the cooperation of city leaders, league officials, and a consortium of megacorps dedicated to making this project a reality. The negotiations were long and arduous, and were complicated by the fact that governing bodies needed to grant us a specific exemption due to our city’s status as a nation-state.

While there were many crucial aspects of this project, I’d like to draw special attention to the contributions made by MonoTown TV and the Mayor’s office. A comprehensive media deal with Buildersliga was one of the turning points in this process, and will serve the league, the clubs, and fans for years into the future. Planning permission and financial contribution from the city was another must-have and it’s not every day that the city is asked to sign off on a bold infrastructure project that has never been attempted before.

In conclusion, I want to express my personal gratitude to everyone involved in this project. We couldn’t have done this without you.

I look forward to a future of wins, losses, triumph and heartache. We have a four year plan to see this club through to the first division and like any challenge in life, the path won’t be a straight line, but it will be traveled alongside some of the best people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.

Football for MonoTown!

Go Marauders!

– Colin Kinsman, Chairman, MonoTown FC