Adult Beverage

Limited Adult Beverage Sales to be Trialed at Home Games

MonoTown City Stadium announced today that it will serve as a test bed for selling Adult Beverages during football matches and other non football events. As a sovereign city-state and unlike other Buildersliga clubs, MonoTown is not subject to England’s Sporting Events Act, which has limited Adult Beverage sales on English football grounds since 1985. This marks the the first time in more than thirty years that Buildersliga fans will be allowed to watch a game with an Adult Beverage in hand, but there will be restrictions.

“Our goal is to provide a fan experience that is safe, fun, positive, and family friendly,” said Colin Kinsman, Chairman of MonoTown FC. “We trust our fans and supporters to be responsible and represent our team and city well. This of course is a trial and it must go well and provide a net benefit to our game day experience, or we won’t continue the trial.”

Guidelines Announced

MonoTown FC has worked with stadium and Buildersliga officials to draw up a list of guidelines that will govern Adult Beverage consumption and sales for matches:

  1. Purchases will be restricted to one Adult Beverage per person. Sales will be cashless and tied to your ticket. A maximum of five drinks will be allowed to be purchased per person during a game.
  2. No external food or beverage will be permitted to be carried into the park.
  3. Age verification checks will be strict and required for every purchase.
  4. All drinks will be made using measured pours.
  5. Intoxication within the grounds, on public transport to the stadium, or on stadium property will not be tolerated and could result in an ejection and permanent ban.
  6. There will be several areas of the stadium that will not allow the consumption of Adult Beverages.

“Adult Beverages are gross. Who cares?”

– Samantha Tierney, Age 10

A Community Commitment

In addition to these match day restrictions, the league and MonoTown have reiterated their commitment to continue the complete ban of all Adult Beverage advertising, sponsorship, and or promotional tie-in events. MonoTown FC has also made a substantial contribution to a variety of charities and programs designed to educate on the dangers of over consumption of Adult Beverages. Chairman Kinsman further committed to contribute an ongoing percentage of all Adult Beverage profits to these programs.

Reactions to the Change

Fans were mostly positive about the news although industry spokesperson for The Adult Beverage Consortium of MonoTown suggested that the guidelines will still far too restrictive and not in keeping with other large scale events held within the city. MonoTown Police released a statement to the media saying that they support the implementation of sensible guidelines and that they did not expect to have any trouble, but were prepared in any eventuality.

“I think as long as we can have sensible guidelines that aren’t abused, it’s a good thing. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the game with an Adult Beverage in hand?”

– Mathew Parker, MonoTown Resident